Tree shaping has become very popular. We can lift, shape and crown your trees to your specifications. In case you are not sure what your tree needs, don’t stress, our experts will know the proper way to handle your topping and shaping.


Topping trees is one sure way to destroy the natural shape, and make your tree weak and unhealthy. This technique brings latent buds to life, which starts multiple weak shoots growing below each cut. Better options for shaping a tree include thinning and pollarding.

Topping trees is a common mistake homeowners make when pruning. When you top a tree, you are cutting back branches to random stubs or to small lateral branches. This type of pruning can cause many problems. When stubs are left on branches (instead of cutting them back to the main trunk), decay often develops. The area cut is prone to sunburn, due to lack of leaf coverage. Water sprouts easily develop with these incorrect cuts instead of healthy, new growth. This type of pruning is also very stressful on the tree because it causes a loss of foliage and tissue.

Cutting only parts of branches off (instead of cutting back to the main trunk) activates the latent buds and encourages the growth of multiple weak shoots below the cut. These new shoots are general weak shoots and tend to grow quickly, and will require more pruning to maintain them.

Can you repair a tree that has been topped? Yes, there is hope. Remove some of the water sprouts. Where possible, cut back stubs (that were only partial branch cuts) back to the main trunk (always make your cuts just outside the swollen branch collar-not flush with the trunk). In time, your tree should regain its natural shape.