You might think that trees with dead limbs means that the tree is no longer salvageable. That is not true in most cases. It is better to have a skilled professional analyze the tree before cutting it down.


We get a lot of concerned customers that see dead limbs in their tree and wonder if the tree is in decline. This is often not the case. Dead limbs occur naturally in most trees over time. Some dead limbs through out the tree is not a huge cause for concern but there are a few indicators that may be a sign of bigger problems.

When should you be worried? When the crown or top of the tree is dying off it usually works its way down the whole tree. This is something no homeowner wants to see. Also, when large sections of the tree are showing decay or die back, this can be a cause for concern. If large cracks are visible where the branch connects to the trunk, this branch or lead is weak and may topple over at some point. If you hear popping or cracking sounds from the tree when the winds are gusting, you should definitely have the tree inspected by a professional right away.